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DIBELS is an assessment used to measure the acquisition of early literacy skills from kindergarten through sixth grade.

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What are DIBELS?

DIBELS stands for Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills, and is comprised of six measures that function as indicators of the essential skills that every child must master to become a proficient reader. The DIBELS® measures are brief (most take one minute to administer), and are used to regularly monitor the development of early literacy and early reading skills. DIBELS was designed for use in identifying children experiencing difficulty in the acquisition of basic early literacy skills, in order to provide support early and prevent the occurrence of later reading difficulties.

DIBELS assessments are:

individually administered

Why Use DIBELS Next?

The purposes of DIBELS are:

  • to identify students who may be at risk for reading difficulties (universal screening);
  • to help teachers identify areas to target instructional support;
  • to monitor at-risk students while they receive additional, targeted instruction; and
  • to examine the effectiveness of your school’s system of instructional supports.

The advantages of DIBELS are:

  • DIBELS has been specifically designed to be used within a problem-solving, outcomes-driven model of decision- making and response to intervention.
  • The DIBELS measures are reliable and valid.
  • Research-based benchmark goals are available which define a level at which the odds are in the student’s favor of meeting later reading outcome goals.

How to Get DIBELS Next

Purchase from Cambium/Sopris

You can purchase the published version of DIBELS Next by visiting Cambium/Sopris's website.
Benefits of the published version include:

  • A new flip-book format with the assessor scripts, reminder prompts, and student materials.
  • The materials are in color.
  • No need to duplicate the materials yourself.

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DIBELS for Mobile Devices

Amplify's mCLASS: DIBELS Next is available now. The mCLASS system:

  • Automates scoring, data analysis, and reporting
  • Provides direct instructional recommendations
  • Enhances the utility of DIBELS Next data

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Data Management Options

Several data management options are available. Options include:

  • DIBELSnet from the authors of DIBELS
  • mCLASS from Amplify (DIBELS for mobile devices)

DIBELS Next Training From DMG

Our high-quality training options now include support for individuals or organizations that need training on DIBELS Next. Our DIBELS Next workshop options are available to support individuals that are transitioning to DIBELS Next or are new to using DIBELS. Our DIBELS Next training may be accessed through:

For more information about DIBELS Next training options, please click here.

DIBELS Mentors

DIBELS Next Mentors receive access to the official DIBELS Next training materials from the authors of DIBELS. You can become a Mentor by attending a DIBELS Next Essential or Transition Workshop, a Data Interpretation Workshop, and a Mentoring Workshop presented by DMG trainers.

Current DIBELS 6th Edition Mentors — You can become a DIBELS Next Mentor by attending a DIBELS Next Essential Workshop or Transition Workshop presented by DMG trainers in person or via our online training.

Additional Information

For more information on transitioning to DIBELS Next, please click here

Word Use Fluency: The experimental version of Word Use Fluency-Revised is now available to research partners. Click here for more information.

Braille: Braille student materials are now available for DIBELS Next benchmark assessments. E-mail us at info@dibels.org for pricing and ordering information.

Progress Monitoring: Download the DIBELS Next Progress Monitoring Guidelines.
(New Jan. 12, 2012)