Transition to DIBELS® Next today!

DIBELS Next is the current version of DIBELS, replacing the previous version, DIBELS 6th Edition. DIBELS Next includes a series of research-based enhancements that increase the ease of use as well as the reliability and validity of the assessment. We strongly encourage you to begin your transition to DIBELS Next today.

What's new in DIBELS Next?

  • All new forms and passages
  • Improved, clearer directions for assessor and students
  • NEW easier-to-administer measure of early phonemic awareness, First Sound Fluency. First Sound Fluency replaces Initial Sound Fluency.
  • NEW measure based on maze procedures, Daze, added as an additional indicator of comprehension for third through sixth grade.
  • Larger format for scoring booklets to facilitate scoring and the recording of response patterns.
  • Retell integrated into the Oral Reading Fluency measure.
  • New benchmark goals and cut points for risk.

DIBELS Next Print Version

Available Now

DIBELS Next is available to purchase from our publisher, Sopris Learning. Benefits of using the published version include:

  • Save personnel time: No need to print and copy the materials yourself
  • Free up resources for instruction and implementation
  • Manage materials more easily: Let Sopris organize the materials for you
  • Cost-effective: In terms of time and print costs, the published materials are extremely economical
  • Increased ease of use: A new flip-book format for administration directions and student materials
  • Materials are now in color

DIBELS Next Handheld Version

Available Now

DIBELS Next for handheld devices is now available for purchase from our partner, Wireless Generation. mCLASS:DIBELS Next helps teachers:

  • Streamline assessment administration on most touch-interface mobile devices with a supported browser, even without internet connectivity
  • Understand the assessment data through easy-to-interpret reports
  • Translate class- and student-level reports into individualized instruction for each student
  • Use DIBELS Next data to link to targeted activities and interventions from popular core reading programs

DIBELS Next Download Version

Available Now

The free download version of DIBELS Next is available now. This version includes all the content of the published version. When preparing to print the download version, please note that the scoring booklets now use legal-sized paper to provide more room on the page.

DIBELS Next Training from DMG

Our high-quality training options now include support for individuals or organizations that need training on DIBELS Next. Our DIBELS Next workshop options are available to support individuals that are transitioning to DIBELS Next or are new to using DIBELS. Our DIBELS Next training may be accessed through:

For more information about DIBELS Next training options, please click here.

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