DIBELS for Accountability Decisions

Important Announcement

After the 2016-2017 school year, DIBELS AD will no longer be available. However, DMG will provide similar reporting options for DIBELS Next so that schools can continue using DIBELS Next with Pathways of Progress as one indicator of student growth in conjunction with benchmark status.

Starting with the 2017-2018 school year, DMG will provide a new Summative Growth Report that will meet the same needs as the DIBELS AD Report.

When using DIBELS AD™, standard DIBELS Next® benchmark testing is conducted at the beginning and middle of the school year. For the end-of-year benchmark assessment, DIBELS AD testing forms are administered in place of the DIBELS Next testing forms.

DIBELS AD is an add-on component for DIBELS Next that can be used as one indicator of student growth within a comprehensive teacher evaluation and accountability program.

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For a discussion of DIBELS for Accountability Decisions (DIBELS AD), view this webinar from Dr. Roland Good and Dr. Kelly Powell-Smith.

DIBELS AD Features:

  • Secure, alternate form of DIBELS Next
  • Replaces spring benchmark testing
  • Used with DIBELS Next for teacher evaluation
  • Uses Pathways of Progress analysis

Additional DIBELS AD Information

Pathways of Progress and DIBELS AD

DIBELS AD results are based on Pathways of Progress, a new DIBELS tool designed to empower teachers to make better decisions about:

  • goals to set for individual students;
  • and changes to instruction in real time when students aren’t making adequate progress.

Pathways of Progress places students into one of five Pathways based on the amount of progress they make over the course of the year in comparison to other students with similar initial skills.

DIBELS AD uses Pathways data to reflect instructional effectiveness in terms of the percent of students in a class making at least typical progress, compared to other classrooms at the same grade level.


Pathways of Progress Features:

Pathways of Progress is a research-based tool for: 

  • setting progress monitoring goals,
  • evaluating student progress,
  • reflecting the effectiveness of support at the classroom, school, or district level,
  • use with DIBELS AD or as a stand-alone.

More Information about DIBELS AD

For more information, read the original announcement for DIBELS AD.